Aid management platform

Collect data, manage and report

Manage beneficiary data, teams, permissions, distributions and reports with our digital platform powered by blockchain and AI.

GDPR compliant

3-way data collection

Participant communication through SMS & Email


Transfer cash in +200 countries with one integration

We introduce payment aggregation tailored to humanitarian organizations, reducing cash delivery time to seconds instead weeks.

Real-time monitoring and tracking

Automated reporting using AI

Access the largest payment network in the humanitarian space


Distribute multipurpose

The easiest way to deliver digital QR-based e-vouchers or printed paper vouchers to recipients that do not have access to traditional banking. Connect an unlimited number of vendors.

Offline voucher redemption available

Unlimited vendor onboarding

Customizable for local needs


De-duplicate Beneficiary Records

Scan your list and detect duplicate beneficiary records instantly and resolve them using our powerful AI feature.

AI-powered data and facial comparison

Hyper accurate similarity score

Highest security through data encryption


Cash Assistance

Cash assistance offers flexibility, supports local economies, and respects beneficiary dignity, enabling timely and effective crisis response.


Localization means empowering local responders in affected countries to lead and deliver humanitarian aid. AIDONIC is at the forefront to support local actors.

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Transparency and Trust

Transparency and trust in humanitarian aid, as emphasized by the Grand Bargain, ensure efficient use of resources, strengthen accountability to donors and beneficiaries, and foster effective collaboration among humanitarian actors.

Seamless integrations  

Connect to your own Database

Keep your PII data in your own server or datacenter.

Payment Providers

Integrate with payment providers using our open API.

Fundraising platforms

Integrate our blockbain-powered tracking component and offer seamless traceability.

Neobanks & Fintechs

Engage your app users with a donation section to create measurable impact.


Share your impact with your follower on social-media and attract more support.

Retailer and Shops

Join our coupon marketplace and offer discounts and benefits to new clients.

Tailored to your needs

Humanitarian Organizations

Manage beneficiary data, teams, permissions, distributions and reports with our digital platform powered by blockchain and AI.

Global Donors

Directly fund local actors that are equipped with AIDONIC's platform and ensure real-time tracking and tamper-proof reports.

Corporate Giving

Revolutionize your Corporate Giving with transparency, efficiency, and impact. Drive measurable social-impact and enhance your ESG Reporting.

Trusted by renowned organizations

“AIDONIC provided us with the accurate solution to launch our first app. They had been professional, responsive, and results-oriented. They gave us key guidance and advice in developing the product.”

Valeria Goldsworthy

UNICEF, Argentina