September 23,2023

Successful launch of UNICEF Donor Loyalty App

Chief Editor


We are thrilled to announce the successful development and launch of the miUNI App, specifically designed for donors at UNICEF Argentina.

Discover a mobile application that rewards the dedication of donors who play a pivotal role in transforming the lives of thousands of girls and boys in Argentina. Through this app, donors can unlock a world of discounts and benefits, available both in physical stores and online, with nationwide coverage. It's wonderfully straightforward - any donor on the app can search for their desired discounts at participating stores and shops within their city. Moreover, the app features an advanced notification platform, ensuring that news, campaigns, and inspiring success stories are at the donor's fingertips. This keeps them engaged and well-informed. The app is also innovatively designed to foster increased communication and donor retention through creative functionalities.

Keen to learn more? Reach out to us at and join us in making a lasting impact!

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