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Frequently asked questions

What's unique about AIDONIC?

The novelty, originality, and uniqueness of AIDONIC's technology solution lie in its comprehensive approach to merging blockchain, AI, data analytics and payment aggregation to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and transparency in the humanitarian aid and development sectors.

Does AIDONIC offer a free version?

Yes, you can start today using AIDONIC's platform to deliver aid in any of your program country.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology offers unparalleled transparency, security, and efficiency for humanitarian aid. It enables immutable record-keeping, ensuring donations are traceable from donor to beneficiary, reducing fraud and corruption. Blockchain also facilitates faster, direct transactions, lowering operational costs and increasing the impact of aid delivery.

Does AIDONIC offer tailored customizations?

Yes, we love to work with clients to solve their challenges. We offer unlimited customizations. Contact us at:

How does AIDONIC support local and national actors?

AIDONIC offers frictionless onboarding for local and national organizations, free training, capacity building and through the use of the AIDONIC platform, they can massively improve their effectiveness, ensure accountability and transparency towards international donors.