September 23,2023

AIDONIC at the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2024

Chief Editor


We are thrilled and honoured to announce that our Chief Innovation Officer, Joel Kaiser, has been invited to speak at the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2024! This is a remarkable opportunity tointroduce the AIDONIC Platform to Korean NGOs and donors, and demonstrate how to harness the power of AI and blockchain to maximise social impact.

Register here to hear Joel speak at 10.15 am on May 21st at The Plaza Seoul, Maple Hall 4F.

The theme of the event,‘Trust 4 Digital Empowerment’, greatly reflects AIDONIC’s innovative useof technology to radically improve trust in foreign aid delivered through humanitarian and international development organisations.

“We have been witnessing a massive erosion of trust in public institutions and organisations; people question more and more if their money is reaching the people who need it,” says Joel. But, he argues, NGOs and governments have a crucial role to play in solving global crises. The key is digital trust, which unlocks NGO accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency.

There is a $3.3 trillion dollar funding gap to meet the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals; meanwhile, in humanitarian emergencies, some 200 million people are left without life-saving aid due to a lack of funds. NGOs and governments have to more cost-effective, which means they need to be innovative.


“You can track the lunch you ordered on your phone right to your doorstep,” says Joel. “So, why can’t donors track their donation from wallet to charity to final recipient?”


At the event in Seoul, Joel will demonstrate AIDONIC’s innovative use of blockchain to track aid from the donor to the recipient, and the revolutionary effect this has on the impact of NGOs and governments. Plus, Joel will also showcase AIDONIC's integration of AI to upgrade the operational efficiency of NGOs by detecting fraud and preventing aid duplication.


End-to-end digital trustensures that aid delivered using AIDONIC translates into tangible, meaningful help for people in need, as well as progress in improving the humanitarian system.


Feel free to reach out to Joel by email to learn more, or share your questions and feedback.


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