Our mission

We empower NGOs, UN and Government Agencies with innovative digital tools that streamline fundraising, enhance aid delivery, and provide indisputable transparency to donors and impact investors. Leveraging blockchain, AI, and digital payment solutions, we guarantee swift, secure, and effective aid delivery to those who need it most.

Ultimately, we envision a world where humanitarian and philanthropic efforts are more efficient, accountable, and responsive to the ever-evolving needs of communities affected by disasters, emergencies, conflicts, and poverty.


Our core team has over 50 years of experience in both the humanitarian aid and IT sectors.

Severiyos Gabriel
Founder & CEO
Roberto Ferrer
Joel Kaiser
Chief Innovation Officer
Bernd Wieland
Galo Meggiolaro
Software Engineer
Suleman Ahmad
Software Engineer

Founding Story

Severiyos Gabriel is the founder and CEO of the AIDONIC, a social-impact fintech based in Zug, Switzerland. Severiyos is also the founder of the humanitarian non-governmental organization ARAMAIC RELIEF International (ARI). Severiyos started his career in the private sector, responsible for IT and operations in the physical commodity trading business. In the age of 27, in January 2013 he founded his own NGO with a strong focus on immediate humanitarian aid to war victims and displaced families in conflict regions, such as Syria, Iraq and South Sudan, and expanded further to Lebanon, Jordan and Uganda.

With ARI he managed to successfully realize over 420 humanitarian and development projects over the last 10 years and reached over 500’000 war victims in conflict regions with humanitarian aid and development assistance. During the last 10 years Severiyos and his team managed to raise and over CHF 10 million in humanitarian aid funding. Severiyos’ humanitarian work reached regional and international recognition and awareness through over 100 TV and news reports. Through speeches at the European Parliament, the World Summit in Defence of Persecuted Christians in Washington D.C. and a lecture in the Vatican in Rome, Severiyos gained additional awareness by giving the voiceless a voice.

As a dedicated humanitarian and social entrepreneur, Severiyos embarked on a mission in 2017 to enhance the efficiency and transparency of last-mile humanitarian aid distribution through digitalization and innovative technology. In 2018, he conceptualized a new idea utilizing blockchain technology to track and trace aid funding, ensuring real-time transparency and immutable social-impact reporting. By 2019, Severiyos founded AIDONIC, a technology startup based in Zug, with the vision of empowering humanitarian organizations to reach more people in need worldwide, faster and more cost-effectively, while ensuring full transparency and accountability.

AIDONIC has received national and international recognition for its technological innovation, winning over 10 prestigious awards and startup prizes. Recently, AIDONIC secured a partnership with the Swiss Government and was honored with the 1st prize at the IC Awards, presented by Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis.

We’re driven by our values


Collaboration is integral to how we support effective, localised humanitarian aid delivery. By connecting data, organizations, resources, and people, we empower non-profits to optimize their work and maximize their impact.


Innovation is at the core of our mission. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of what's possible, leveraging cutting-edge technology to develop new solutions that transform the way humanitarian organizations operate and create positive impact in the world.


Trust is a fundamental value that underpins everything we do, ensuring that we build strong relationships with our clients and enable them to deliver aid with integrity and accountability.