Corporate Giving with Data-driven Social Impact

Level-up your Corporate Giving initiatives with transparent and trustworthy social-impact data for your ESG Reporting.


Greenwashing shows us that not all ESG projects are equal. Only those with accurate data demonstrate their true impact. Only those with trustworthy evidence meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Poor and substandard reporting on social impact initiatives hinders progress and erodes employee confidence on corporate sustainability commitments.

Our Services

We help corporations to measure, monitor and scale their charitable giving, creating trustworthy impact through hyper-accurate data that exceeds standard ESG reporting.

De-risk and track your corporate donations.

We ensure your corporate donations reach the intended beneficiaries and their communities at near-zero cost.

Provide your employees end-to-end transparency.

We enable your employees to monitor and see the positive social impact and sustainable progress in the people's life.

Immutable and real-time social-impact data.

All transactions are recorded on the bockchain in real-time ensuring immutability and tamper-proof data.

SDG 2: Zero Hunger as your corporate mission

Over 309 million people face acute food insecurity in 2024. Addressing global hunger is a moral imperative and corporations have a crucial role to play. AIDONIC allows you to strategically target your corporate giving towards solving global hunger. We streamline the process, ensuring your donations reach the people most in need and we provide trustworthy data to demonstrate your impact. AIDONIC ensures your corporate giving exceeds social and environmental reporting of ESG frameworks, showcasing your commitment to a better future.


Unlocking the Power of Strategic Giving: AIDONIC empowers your employees, streamlines operations, and builds stronger stakeholder relationships.

Reduced administrative burden

Managing corporate giving can be time-consuming, resource-intensive and highly complex. AIDONIC manages the entire process from project sourcing, due diligence, implementation, data collection and reporting.

Boost Employee Engagement

AIDONIC's real-time tracking lets employees witness the positive change their contributions create, fostering a sense of purpose and aligning with their values. This translates to a more engaged workforce, boosted loyalty, and a stronger brand image. Together, you'll be seen as a company making a real difference in the world.

Trust and stronger Relationships

AIDONIC empowers you to demonstrate transparency and accountability throughout your giving journey, showcasing the impact of your contributions. This fosters trust and strengthens relationships with stakeholders, such as investors, customers, and communities.

Case Study

In Tanzania we supported the local nonprofit Africa Child Foundation Mission of Tanzania in implementing a school feeding program that supported 600 children with daily hot meals. Fundraising, tracking and reporting was supported by AIDONIC's digital tools.

Increased credibility and trust with international donors

Improved eligibility for diverse grant opportunities

Enhanced communication and engagement with global stakeholders. Ultimately, securing more international funding for impactful projects

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Implement Project

AIDONIC's expert team will work closely with you, present you tailored projects, managing the entire implementation process and ensure successful aid delivery.


Proof of Impact

Track progress, measure impact, and showcase tangible results to your stakeholders and employees, demonstrating the positive difference your company is making.

Trusted by renowned organizations

“AIDONIC provided us with the accurate solution to launch our first app. They had been professional, responsive, and results-oriented. They gave us key guidance and advice in developing the product.”

Valeria Goldsworthy

UNICEF, Argentina