Meet The Team

Severiyos Aydin

CEO | Founder

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Business Development

Roland Gabriel

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Miloš Novitović

Product Manager

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Head of Design

Milica Spasojević

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Dr. Barbara Lang

Investor Relations

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Managing Partner at Alpha Governance Partners,

Prof. Finance Ethics

Dr. Eelco Fiole

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Joshua Paul Hawley

FOUNDER Blockchain
Advisory Mauritius
Founder at Zibofi

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Senior Associate Financial Regulatory
Legal Advisor

Ivan de Casseres

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Managing Director
at Brainloop

Gabriel Gabriel

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Severiyos Aydin born in 1985 in Switzerland, worked 12 years in the commodity sector. He collected valuable experience in accounting, IT, Risk, Logistics and physical Trading. In the age of 27, in January 2013 he founded his own nonprofit organization called ARAMAIC RELIEF International with a strong focus on immediate humanitarian and development aid to war victims in war regions, such as Syria, Iraq and South Sudan, as well as Lebanon, Jordan and Uganda. ARAMAIC RELIEF International managed to realize more than 320 unique relief and development projects the last 7 years and reached over 220'000 war victims in the world’s most dangerous countries. ARI built the first school in Syria during the war, opened educational and care centers, renovated homes, helped thousands of displaced families with food, shelter, medical support and psychological programs for traumatized children, youth and elderly. In 2018, Severiyos founded the social tech company AIDONIC with the vision to create a new technology for efficient and transparent humanitarian aid with a global scale and empower all needy people in the most sustainable way.

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