The world is facing increasing global challenges; conflicts and wars, pandemic outbreak, climate change, natural disasters, world hunger, no access to education and health facilities, inequalities, low employment rate and many more. The Institute for Environment and Human Security of the United Nations University estimates that by 2050 around 200 million people could be displaced by conflicts and natural disasters either within their countries or across borders, on a permanent or temporary basis. Globally, 821 million people are undernourished, and additionally 2 billion people are expected to be undernourished by 2050. Everyday around 24'000 people, including 8'500 children are dying due to poverty. 
Technological social innovations have the potential to tackle these challenges and the resulting aftereffects. Digital transformative solutions are gaining increasing global significance. AIDONIC is one of these technologies, that proved its ability to empower and help vulnerable people and local communities in the most efficient, transparent and accountable way, ensuring positive social and environmental impact and sustainability.
The AIDONIC ECOSYSTEM is an international network of philanthropists and charitable organizations. We share the same vision of a peaceful and independet society, a healthy and prosperous world for all humanity and nature. AIDONIC provides everyone around the world the possibilty to take action in the fight against poverty, world hunger and other global challenges. We are inviting you to join our AIDONIC ECOSYSTEM already today and be part of this unique movement. Together we can help millions of people and communities around the world and make a real change. AIDONIC is the tool we use, to help and give more effectively, reach those who are most in need and leave no one behind. We at AIDONIC offer the most transparent and efficient way of giving, sustainable development and real measurable impact. Below you find all ECOSYSTEM member options and the form to subscribe. 
Please fill in the form with your preferred interests. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments field or send us an email to Once you submitted the form, we will send you the next instructions and regular updates by email, as well as invitations for events, workshops and meetups. 
As soon as our AIDONIC platform is LIVE (Early June 2020) we will inform you and invite you to register.
IMPORTANT: By joining our ECOSYSTEM you are not entering into any obligations, there is no charge and if you wish to stop receiving our information, you can unsubscribe anytime. 
If you are interested to build your own charity, we are more than happy to hear about your endeavor and support you with our expertise and technology.
Please find below the definition of all user roles. 
Subscribe your NGO, Charity, Foundation or Institution. You can book a demo or pilot anytime. We will present you AIDONIC in detail and support you with our technology, fundraising and network expansion. We are looking forward to help and promote your organization. 
Service Provider
As a Service Provider you can offer goods and services to NGOs and beneficiaries any place in the world. We will promote your business and organization for free and help you to increase your reach out and revenue.
As a donor you can support NGOs and Charities financially through our AIDONIC platform. You can track and trace your donations and see the positive impact of your contribution. Subscribe now to receive updates and further information.
Country Director
Are you interested in a more active role? Become an AIDONIC country director, build your own action team and promote AIDONIC in your country to local charities and service providers. Please subscribe to receive more information. 
Ambassador / Influencer
Do you have a big reach out and like to mobilize your network to help people in need? As a Goodwill Ambassador or Influencer you can  raise awareness about good causes and promote NGOs and campaigns to your follower or network, by using our AIDONIC platform.
Are you interested to donate part of your time to good causes? If you like to work on voluntary basis in the humanitarian and development field and help people in need with your professional skills, we are happy to hear from you. 

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